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   "Know when you are bitten" Gender: Female
Age: 22
Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weight Units: pounds
Height: 168
Height Units: centimeters
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Moderate
Drugs: Never
About Me: Hello there! Name's Chloe, 20 y.o., Belarussian. azazazellz@twitter ___________ I have a lot of interests, really. Main of those are: 1. Snowboard. I'm a northern girl, so that was obvious. 2. Series. When I'm not boarding, I like to stay at home with cocoa and marshmellow and some Doctor Who/Sherlock/Game of Thrones 3. Games. Videogames, boardgames... drunk companies games. In videogames I prefer horror genre... Amnesia or Evil Within for example. As for boardgames... there's a little bit of everything. DnD, Manchikin, Mafia, The Road to Olympus. And yeah I love truth or dare. here too. 4. Beer&pizza. Yummy. No, I love high cuisine and good wine, but living a bachelor's lifestyle in college dormitory makes you go down in your tastes, haha. 5. I watch NBA games. woops? :) 6. Music! Really different, so be prepared. if you wanna order a song, tip 33 toks, tell me the title and enjoy. ___________ About me in general: First thing you should know about me is that I may look innocent, but! I have a very dark, naughty, sometimes even mean side. And very sick humour. Sooo if you look for a nice girl that says only sweet things that you wanna hear (Oh, baby, don't worry about me, I love you so much!)... NO. Not me. I do love the guys I can call friends. But this previlege is to be earned. I am not all vanilla sweet to just anyone. That would be hypocritical, and I don't like hypocrites. I prefer honesty. Maybe it makes me too straightforward sometimes... But as long as I am not ashamed of my own words and actions I'm okay with it. I study aircraft manifacturing. Future engineer, blabla. Family speciality. Although I might switch to something else. Don't know if that's what I wanna do yet. Studiogirl. what can I say, Dormitory is not the best place for this kind of job :D And well... I like the girls here, they are nice and I never get bored if the day is slow. I REGRET NOTHING looool ____________ Showtime issues Groups are closed. Won't open, don't even ask. Private and skype are open though! Skype is 30 toks a minute for those who are interested. I don't break mfc rules. No not even for *fill any sum possible here* tip. So check mfc zero-tolerance list before asking, please. Oh and no public shows! flashes, strip - okay. Actual play - no. plus, no ATM, no anal with toy, no crying, no 2 girl shows. Sorry! Tip menu Strip = 222 Flashes of puss/ass = 99 Boobies = 77 cam2cam = 30 name your cock = 50 snap4life = 444 dance = 25 truth or dare (any questions possible, dares should be not too sexy, it's just for lulz after all): truth = 30, dare = 50 if you have any suggestions about games, feel free to tell me! I guess that's it... Welcome to my room and let's have fun!
Occupation: student, model, geek princess. Kneel before me lol
Favorite Food: Italian. Easy and fast to make.
Automobile: no driving license
Perfect Mate: kind, smart, big
Favorite Books: The Dark Tower series
Favorite Songs: error: too many
Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Godfather, Lord of the Rings, Tarantino's, Bond
Hobbies: Snowboard, boardgames, messing with people
Talents: puns, driving people crazy
Turn Ons: Turn ons depend on the mood to be honest... and as for turn offs... apart from mfc zero tolerance list of course =) there are guys who like to send me mfc porn gifs "to turn dat chick on". Don't please, they are not arousing. Eww. I just prefer Japanese animated porn. lol

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