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   "lalalallalalalallalalalalaa" Gender: Female
Age: 25
Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Weight Units: pounds
Height Units: inches
Body Type: Slim/Petite
About Me: About Me For those who don't know me yet, I'm Simi for most of my friends and I'm pretty sure you have big chances to become one of them! Honestly, I'm not too good at talking about myself, but I am sure that you can discover a lot ofthings about me if u take the time to read this. I can start by saying that I'm romanian and I love it! One of my qualities is that I'm pretty sociable, I love to talk and have a good time with people who can connect with me and I don't think it's hard to do it as long as you have apositive attitude and you're open minded. I believe in everyones freedom of thinking and choice, so I'll respect you as you are and I won't judge anyone for who they are and what they want.All I expect back is the same, respect!On the other hand I can be also a little bit stubborn (ok...really stubborn sometimes), in little bit moody and also a little bit mean (from what I've heard :D) so... could I say I'm a full package? Hmm..guess so! And now it's time for you to get to discover more about me by asking everything you want to find out and isn't here.Tip Menu5 TKS - show that you're alive13 TKS - make me smile23 TKS - blow you a kiss50 TKS - ask for a song request99 TKS - ass quake123 TKS - boobs flash150 TKS - cam2cam153 TKS - 3 ass spanks213 TKS - change outfit255 TKS - friend list350 TKS - fav song request + sexy dance369 TKS - mute me389 TKS - unmute me423 TKS - handbra1000 TKS - unban 1113 TKS - custom made pics2013 TKS - change my name for 24h2999 TKS - custom made video13333 TKS - support a new tattoo62323+ TKS - beat the highest tip everRoom Rules I'll be nice to you, unless u give me a reason not to be :), maybeyou should know what my room rules are: Don't be mean with me or people in my room, if you don't find anything interesting or fun, you don't have to stay and be a troll, you're free to just leave. Accept and respect what I am willing to do and what I am not, it's my room, my body and no matter what you say, won't change my decisions. Requests are meant only for those who tip for them, if you're not willing to do it, please don't waste your time. When there is a countdown for a show that you wanna watch, is respectful to participate also with tips. When I decide to ban someone, means i had a good reason, think about what you did wrong and if you wanna apologize and come back, tip 1000 TKS, I'll unban you and give you another chance, don't waste it for the second time. I don't use paypal or anything like that, the only way you can pay for whatever your requests are is by tokens. I don't do groups too often because I think that what I do in there is not appreciated enough, so when you have the chance to go in one of those rare groups, you can try make it worth for me as it is for you by tipping. Don Bt try to negotiate the prices for your requests, that's kinda rude. AMAZON GIFT CARDS are always Loooooved,ask about email :* Offline Tips are soooo soo very appreciated!
Automobile: dreaaam car - MiniiiiCooper
Know Me: You don't really have to... but it can be interesting.
Five Things: Cheese,Cheeeeeese,cheese,cheese and CHEESE!

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