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   "Follow me on Twitter @AlexAthena_" Gender: Female
Country: Canada
Sexual Preference: Straight
Weight Units: pounds
Height Units: inches
Body Type: Slim/Petite
About Me: Top Welcome Tip Menu Rules Raffles & Events High Tippers Highest Ever Top 3 Ever Monthly High Tippers Clubs Loyals High Rollers Extraordinary Gentlemen Offline Tips Please send e-giftcards to - thank you so much, Alex Welcome Hi! Hope you enjoy my pageI'm Alex, short for Alexandria! A true Canadian born and raised. I adore animals and think that we should protect, save, adopt, and love them all (except spiders, screw spiders).Music is everything to me, it really uplifts my spirits and can change my mood in an instant. You will notice that I ALWAYS have music playing when I am online. In my room you will hear anything from metal to country to oldies.I love to chat but am also a great listener, I really want to get to know you and hear about your life.Everyone has a story and I would love to hear yours! Rules These are my room rules I DO get fully naked and dance. I am a non-explicit model. This means no toys, and no fingers. I like implied sexuality and sensuality. I love to tease, flirt, dance, and strip. I like to dress up in sexy costumes, lingerie, and cute stuff. I do a lot of dancing in my undies. Right now I do not offer skype. I do not and will never accept paypal. I am open to group shows sometimes but dont count on them! I don't do private shows. NO True Privates right now, sorry. No masturbation, toys, or explicit stuff. If I ever do a private, this time is for me to get to know you without the distraction of public chat. Tip Menu 25 Tokens: Swear Jar! Catch me swearing. If I get 3 in one night I must spank myself. *Must put "swear jar" in tip note 60 Tokens: Spank With Paddle 70 Tokens: Spank With Hand 95 Tokens: War 99 Tokens: Pick A Song 101 Tokens: Mute 102 Tokens: Unmute 175 Tokens: Monthly SnapChat *NO screenshots (unless in my loyals club). Replays are allowed* 255 Tokens: View Cam (5 Min) 290 Tokens: Friend Add 333 Tokens: Collar Me! 1000 Tokens: Alex Poster 1111 Tokens: Snapchat for Life *Can be revoked if inactive in my room over 2 months* 2000 Tokens: Panties, clean/signed/perfumed 2500 Tokens: KiK Messenger 3000 Tokens: Unban Raffles & Events Highest Tipper DARK_CRUSADER 400,000 Highest 3 Cumulative Tippers JDVIP DARK_CRUSADER JERMS222 Three Highest Tippers of the Month January 2017JDVIPSTINGERHONTOMGOOSEHOG648 February 2017JDVIPSTINGERHONTOMVIPERJERMS222 March 2017NameNameName April 2017NameNameName Alex's Loyals Become a LoyalTIP 888 Tokens every 2 Months and receive these special gifts:Name on my Wall of Loyals - 2 Months Snapchat, Includes Screenshots - Exclusive Video - Friend Add!*Valid until the last day of the 2nd month* VIPERJERMS COUGARHARD JDVIP GOOSEHOG648 STINGERHONTOM BIGROB19742 MASTERSLDRTAL FOSSILIZ3D HOLLYWOODAPEX High Rollers ~TIP A CLUB 5 TIMES FOR A SILVER STAR AND 10 TIMES FOR A GOLD STAR TO GET BONUS GOODIES~ Tips of 2000+Receive: Friend add. Alex Postcard in mail. Snapchat forever. Add an album or an artist to my playlist. Purchase select galleries for half off (titles marked with two stars). Ability to purchase special selection of galleries not otherwise for sale (items marked "HR"). Your name on the chart for all of 2016! **SILVER STARS will receive permission to my PRIVATE SEXY TWITTER** JDVIP ICEMANJIN BABOU1938 BIGROB19742 STINGERHONTOM Tips of 5000+Receive an exclusive gallery. Alex Poster in mail. Snapchat Forever. KiK Messenger. Twitter follow. Ability to purchase select videos and galleries for half off (items marked with 2 or 3 stars). Ability to purchase special selection of videos and galleries not otherwise for sale (items marked "HR"). Ability to choose the THEME of my next video or gallery and get it free. A sweet message on your profile. Ability to change my MFC name for a week. Your name on the chart for all of 2016! **SILVER STARS will receive permission to my PRIVATE SEXY TUMBLR** JDVIP STINGERHONTOM GOOSEHOG648 (2) MASTERSLDRTAL (2) BOBBY1ALEX290 COUGARHARD JAYJAY4C VIPERJERMS222 NOTJEDIWABBIT JEDIWABBIT (2) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Tips of 10,000+Receive an Alex calendar. Access to my PRIVATE sexy Twitter. Ability to enter future extreme raffles (could be for custom video, gallery, or possibly a skype date!). Watch your cam whenever you want. Pick my cam outfit for 2 online sessions. An exclusive hand spanks video, with a little lotion. Give the room a sexy group show no countdown needed - shower, lotion, oil, ice, stripping/tease shows (Must reach Naked first). A gift package of my favourite things in mail. Change my MFC name for two weeks. Unlock my secret, sexiest video ever! (Length 15 min). Your name on my profile forever! ICEMANJD VIPERJERM DARK_CRUSADER GOOSEHOG648 STINGERHONTOM COUGARHARD CRAZYWOODYSID NOTJEDIWABBIT Tips of 50,000+Receive your own personal digital camera including 50 exclusive photos of yours truly. Private sexy Tumblr and Twitter access. An Alex care package including an item I've worn and loved with my favourite perfume smell. Your name stays on my profile forever! DARK_CRUSADERJDVIP Tips of 100,000+Nothing can compare to this.Receive your own banner on my profile forever. I'll share a personal secret with you no one else knows. You'll have my eternal gratitude and love! DARK_CRUSADER 100K, 200K, 300K JDVIP 111K, 100K
Occupation: Cam Model :)
Meaning Life:

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