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   "Still clueless!" Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 20
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Hazel
Weight Units: pounds
Height Units: inches
Body Type: Slim/Petite
About Me: My Room Offline Tip Tip Menu HTs A.A. Lamb Club Extras Links Twitter Luna Lamb Hi! I try to keep my room really casual and relaxed. We usually end up just talking about vidya games, haha. I hang out until about 12am PST almost every night, sometimes later on weekends. Come say hi! ⚞Tip Menu⚟ Anytime Tips (even during show) Spanks with Hands -23 tokens Spanks with Riding Crop -27 tokens Spanks with Paddle -33 Tokens Show Feet -44 Tokens Blowjob Tease -47 Tokens Ultra Paddle Spank -57 Tokens Socks on/off -177 tokens Goggles on/off -188 tokens Cat Ears on/off -288 tokens Hat on/off -388 tokens Horsehead Mask on/off -666 tokens Ban MadSpectral -3333 tokens 24hr Cum Denial -4444 tokens Counter Denial - Save Me -4545 tokens Instant Cumshow -8888 tokens Pre-Cumshow Tips Titty Flash -42 tokens Pussy and Bum Flash -69 tokens Pussy Play -101 tokens Hitachi Edging -201 tokens Torture Cumshow Tips (Only when in topic) Mid-Cumshow Redlight -66 tokens Mid-Cumshow Greelight -77 tokens Social Tips Friend Add with PM Privileges -200 tokens Snapchat forever -333 tokens ☆High Tips!☆ Best tips evah! ♥15,000 Rhocko♥ 7,777 mostiest 7,111 sho_enough Top Offline Tips! ♥15,000 Rhocko♥ 6,969 Anonymous 1,600 Ursa_Magus ♥My all time Hero!♥ sho_enough A.A. Members Angels who have saved me from Cum Denial, and the Assholes who caused them. Angels! desuchip ♥♥ Assholes Kasper_ThaDog ☹☹ KageJ ☹ Stanalyzer ☹ Luna's Little Lambs OatmealRaisinJoey ♥♥♥ Bearweasel ♥ OMFGjoe ♥♥ iiWill ♥♥ sho_enough ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Stanalyzer ♥ Kasper_ThaDog ♥ mostiest ♥ DankVader ♥ flubberware ♥ Akminiweener ♥♥♥♥ ATLbitchez ♥ funky_C ♥ DrVoyer ♥♥♥♥♥ MadSpectral ♥ pap3rr ♥ sheepum ♥ NoTokens_BB ♥ TheCowOfNow ♥ ronny_33 ♥ hypershun ♥ Tip 1,337 to join Luna's Little Lamb club. Tip multiple times to get multiple stop/go's, raffles, and songs, as well as extra love. You will get: My Steam ID Invite to my private Discord (Voice chat for games) My PO Box Friend add Your name listed on my profile 1 Free Stop on redlight/greenlight torture nights 1 Free Go on redlight/greenlight torture nights 1 Entry into every random game raffle 1 Free 'Make me sing a song' per month A power level of over 9000! All the Butt touches About 20% Cooler The following special tip menu: Request Song -30 tokens Pussy Spanks -37 tokens Paddle Pussy Spanks -74 tokens Make me sing a song -250 tokens Extras Photo Sets! Steampunk 50 images At least half are good! 222 Tokens Steampunk Videos! Bath Show 1 hour and 13 minutes Live recording of my first bath show! I cum twice. 150 Tokens Luna's First Bath Follow me on Twitter to know when I go live! Amazon Wishlist! Presents are always appreciated! Snapchat Forever!333 Tokens If you'd like to send a gift card, please use ▲ Top ⚡Rate & Admire
Favorite Food: Sushi!
Meaning Life: 42
Know Me: Sometimes I say something funny.
Favorite Songs: Punk, Ska, Indie, a bunch of emo shit
Favorite Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Shaun of the Dead, Donnie Darko, Harry Potters, Studio Ghibli Films, Marvel, so many more just ask
Hobbies: Vidya Games, Netflix and chill
Talents: I look alright naked
Five Things: Air... Water... Earth.. Fire.. Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony..... I mean, Sushi. Definitely sushi

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