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   "Shits about to get Weird." Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 25
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 105
Weight Units: pounds
Height: 62
Height Units: inches
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Smoke: Moderate
Drink: Moderate
Drugs: Experimented
About Me: About Me: New Solo Videos Solo Videos Tip Menu G/G VidPack Neverland WELCOME TO MY PROFILE Welcome to Neverland! The magical place of Unicorns and TacoDrops. What's New with StarPowerrr Brand New Solo Videos - MFC Mail for Vid Pack Pricing CarSquirt Do you ever get horny enough you want to masturbate in the car in an empty parking lot.. Me too haha. Enjoy me squirting all over my car 15:26 Min HD 299 Tokens Makeup Cumshow Down Dirty right on the floor. Who cares lets just fuck and get all creamy 13:30 Min HD 299 Tokens Silent Film The title says it all SSHHHHH watch and enjoy 15:07 Min HD 299 Tokens Purple Passion Purple is my favorite color if you dont know. 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Im so horny I had to use two toys.. This is intense for sure 10:23 Min HD 299 Tokens Malice and Fapland Halloween is my favorite time of year!!! Join Malice in Fapland for an unforgettable cum. 19:43 Min HD 299 Tokens Window Fap Nice Day outside equals fap time next to the window. Gotta enjoy every nice day you can right? 12:09 Min HD 299 Tokens Toe Tease 2 Torsoman gets a foot job before I fuck him really good in doggy view 13:23 Min HD 299 Tokens Sensual Shower Slowly start to wash and tease you in my wet white tshirt before I get to horny and need to start to masturbate in the shower. Now you know why showers take so long for girls 9:51 Min HD 299 Tokens Stair Squirt Stairs mmmmmmmmmmm. Trusty Glass Dildo mmmmmmmmmmmm. Lets mate the two and squirt all over the stairs. I wonder if anyone knows 11:03 Min HD 299 Tokens Ice Tease Slow stripping before I run ice all over my body under the pale blue light 16:21 Min HD 299 Tokens Schoolgirl Squirt Time to squirt all over the floor. 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Dildos, vibes, hitachi make her cummmmmmmmmmmm 23:54 Min HD 249 Tokens . DP Purple and White Toys Old skool fuck and fuck more with my toys. Come check it out 9:49 Min HD 149 Tokens . Yellow and Purple Dildos 7:04 Min HD 149 Tokens Starpowerrr Tip Menu & More Starpowerrr Clubs
Favorite Food: Pasta
Pets: Lance,Lucky,Lola Turtles
Automobile: Honda
Perfect Date: Being treated like a woman in public and your slut behind doors. :D
Know Me: Surprises at every corner, I will open your mind to the things you never knew you loved. :D
Favorite Books: The Great Gatsby, The Hunger Gamer
Favorite Songs: Ill Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In the Clouds - Mayday Parade
Favorite Movies: The Fifth Element, Avatar, Taken 2, Broken City, Growing OP, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Frozen, Wreck It Ralph,22JumpStreet,HungerGames
Hobbies: Seduction, Aikido, Eating :D
Talents: Being Seductively Cute :D
Turn Ons: Clap On ** ClapOff ** :D
Craziest Thing: MyFreeCams
Be Anywhere: I would be in Colorado. Enough Said. :D
Five Things: 1. My Dog 2. My Turtle 3. My Phone 4. My Vibrator 5. Company
For Fun: Masturbate. DanceLikeNoOnesWatching. Smiling. Having Fun.

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