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   "Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. -JFK" Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 27
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Marital Status: Single
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes: Green
Weight: 115
Weight Units: pounds
Height: 64
Height Units: inches
Body Type: Athletic
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Moderate
About Me: SNAPCHAT NON EXPLICIT//1500 Lifetime-900 1 Month KIK//1500 Lifetime-900 1 Month THE WOMAN WHO FOLLOWS THE CROWD WILL USUALLY GO NO FURTHER THAN THE CROWD. THE WOMAN WHO WALKS ALONE IS LIKELY TO FIND HERSELF IN PLACES NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN BEFORE. -EINSTEIN AGING IS AN EXTRAORDINARY PROCESS WHERE YOU BECOME THE PERSON YOU ALWAYS SHOULD HAVE BEEN. -DAVID BOWIE Just to throw this out there, No I don't do cum shows, Skype, watch cams, or make vids. With that being said, on some days I do groups/privates, it depends on what I feel like doing that day but it will never be explicit or hardcore. When I go group or private then it will be posted in the topic but It's not an everyday occurrence. I've been on MFC about 4 years now (in July) and it's been a crazy adventure. My goal is to make top 20 at least once. <3 I've learned so much about myself and grown in so many ways during this time. I've also met some amazing people who are my friends and will still be in my life when I retire from camming. Not any time soon btw Lol. People always ask me, "are you a non nude?" My answer to that is I'm not gonna put a label on myself. The sound of that makes me cringe and it's also a huge turn off. My room is tasteful and laid back/non explicit. If you want to find out, stick around and get to know me. Sometimes people think you can get to know someone based on a paragraph on an "about me" section but this is just a summary. Anyway, Thanks for taking the time to read this whoever is. :)
Occupation: MFC
Favorite Food: Sushi, Mexican, Green Juice, Italian, Trisquits and dip.
Perfect Mate: I don't know how I should answer this because i'm not looking for a "mate" at the moment and probably not for a long time. Not because i'm jaded, ok maybe a little. Lol. But because i'm at the point in my life where i'm happy being on my own and if I do ever invest my time into someone it's going to be because i'm ready to settle down, which isn't anytime soon. This is a weird topic to fill out on MFC because it feels like i'm filling out a profile for Eharmony. "Describe your perfect mate" I don't believe there is a "perfect" mate. Nobody is perfect. But ideally, i'd be attracted to a guy who goes after what he really wants in life, passions etc. Someone who is comfortable with themselves and is comfortable in their own skin. They also have to be a complete weirdo but in a funny way and not be so serious about things or life in general. Someone who you can be completely raw and yourself with 100% and know they will love you even more for everything that you are. The list goes on but i'll leave it at that.
Meaning Life: You only live once. Do what makes you happy everyday. Life is too short to settle for anything that doesn't add value or happiness to your life.
Favorite Songs: Prince, Michael Jackson, Sting and the Police, Bon Jovi, Guns N' Roses, Phil Collins, Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Fleetwood Mac, U2, Billy Idol, The New Division, Meg Myers. A lot of different EDM artists and some rap. I listen to everything, it just depends on my mood.
Hobbies: Health and fitness/the gym, Going on hikes on a gorgeous day, Wining and dining at good restaurants/pubs, I love good food and trying new places, Spa Days & Pampering myself, Travel, (hopefully more soon) Shopping, Live music at bars. Etc..
Turn Ons: My Turn Off list is a mile long only because I know exactly what I don't like in someone soo turn on's would be the complete opposite. :D Turn off's: Ego-centric, Loud obnoxious look at me attitude, there is a quote I love that goes... "Confidence is silent and insecurity never shuts up" You get the point. Lol x hmaster www.web cam live www.xhamster free ww x vidoe travis steel gay webcam recordings

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