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   "shlongs" Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 21
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 110
Weight Units: pounds
Height: 64
Height Units: inches
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Non Drinker
Drugs: Never
About Me: Tip Menu Videos SKITTY.TVSilver Gold Platinum Diamond Hall of Fame Skype SocialSnapchat Twitter Instagram Amazon Send MFC Mail Monday Online:6:00PM-9:00PMPacific Time Tuesday Online:6:00PM-9:00PMPacific Time Wednesday Offline Thursday Offline Friday Online:6:00PM-9:00PMPacific Time Saturday Online:6:00PM-9:00PMPacific Time Sunday Online:11:00AM-2:00PMPacific Time WELCOME TO MY PROFILE Hi! I'm Skitty, I'm a 21 year old model and camgirl from the US. I'm always acting wild and crazy in my room. Maybe kinda sexy. I'm an artistic model - I focus more on sensuality than sex or explicitness. I do artistic tease shows in my room, if you're up for something different then you should stop by! I am a non-explicit-nude model, and this is the only way that I am comfortable. Want to get in on the fun? Come in, join us and chat! In public chat, the room is based around fun, sexy topics, and games. I do not show any explicit nudity in public chat. Do not record or post videos, images, or anything of me elsewhere as this is against the DMCA. Tips are greatly appreciated in my room, no matter how big or small. Anything you chip in shows your support, which helps the entire room reach our goal! If you have questions, send me an MFC mail. I respond to any and all questions. TIP MENU Dramatic Fuck You: 33 tokens Song Request: 44 tokens Superman to Bed: 55 tokens Eye Seduction: 66 tokens Handstand: 77 Tokens Cartwheel: 78 Tokens Panty Tease: 88 tokens Boob Tease: 99 tokens Friend Add & PMs: 111 tokens Floor Cam: 122 Tokens Bend Over: 133 tokens Boobie Shake: 144 tokens Socks Off/On: 155 tokens Squats x10: 166 tokens Jumping Jacks x10: 177 tokens Paddle Spanks x10: 188 tokens Striptease: 199 tokens Snapchat Basic: 200 tokens Watch your Cam: 222 tokens Mute/Unmute: 234 tokens Lotion Booty: 255 tokens Ice Tease: 444 tokens Total Mute (No Chat): 456 tokens No Hair Touching 5m: 466 tokens Snapchat Premium: 500 tokens Topless Handbra: 555 tokens Lotion Body: 888 tokens QuickFlash a Boob: 999 tokens Unban: 1111 tokens Name Change (48hr): 4444 tokens GAMES TIP MENU Blackjack: 21 tokens Win 1 round = 1 raffle ticketWin 2 rounds = 5 raffle ticketsWin 3 rounds = 10 raffle tickets Roulette: 51 tokens Bet on a number 1-16. Number will also be red/blackWin Color: 5 raffle ticketsWin Number: All store videos Roll Dice: 151 tokens Number 6 or below prizes:5 raffle tickets, Regular Snapchat or a Striptease video.Number above 6 prizes:3 raffle tickets, Striptease or Paddle Spanks Chance Draw: 171 tokens Win a random crazy prize for fun in the room!Some prizes are better than others. Take a chance! PURCHASABLE VIDEOS My videos are artistic and sensual, and the place where you can see the most of me. Artistic Nude videos are the only place to see full toplessness, and full non-explicit nudity. 800 TokensView InfoOily GoddessArtistic Nude Video 300 TokensView InfoLove Me GoodStriptease Video 800 TokensView InfoPillow FuckArtistic Nude Video 500 TokensView InfoIce TeaseArtistic Nude Show 400 TokensView InfoArrest MeStriptease Video 600 TokensView InfoHeels 'N RosesArtistic Nude Video 600 TokensView InfoThe Girlfriend TeaseArtistic Nude 600 TokensView InfoFireworksArtistic Nude Video 600 TokensView InfoGlowing GoddessArtistic Nude Video 600 TokensView InfoSugar 'N SpiceArtistic Nude Video 300 TokensView InfoSexy Garter StripteaseStriptease Video Official Skitty.TV Trailer Join Skitty.TV to get a customized video package, unlock exclusive videos, photos, Skype, & more!See the "Skitty.TV" section for more information.Silver: 2 videos of choice + 1 exclusive: 1200 Gold: 4 videos of choice + 3 exclusive 3500 Platinum: 8 videos of choice + 5 exclusive: 6000 Diamond: All videos & all future content: 10000 SKITTY.TV EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS Unlock these videos by joining Skitty.TV! 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BASIC SNAPCHAT200 Tokens Lifetime subscription See Snaps in stories daily Direct Snap when I'm online No dick pics Screenshots OK 200 Tokens PREMIUM SNAPCHAT500 Tokens Lifetime subscription Direct chat & messaging Premium-only Snaps Screenshots OK No dick pics Direct Snaps when I'm online See Snaps in stories daily 500 Tokens 15 Minutes - 1500 Tokens100 Tokens Per Minute 30 Minutes - 2400 Tokens80 Tokens Per Minute 1 Hour - 3600 Tokens60 Tokens Per Minute Must be club member or Skitty.TV Gold or above to buy Skype Pricing shown is for Skype Dates only (chat & hangout). I do not offer one-on-one Skype shows. Buy 15 MinutesBuy 30 MinutesBuy 1 Hour Hall of Fame Thank you so much for your supportJoin the Top 4 Members of all time OR beat my Highest Single Tip and receive a free Diamond subscription to Skitty.TV. This includes ALL of my content & more benefits! Top Single Tip of All Time 21,224Enzo!?!?! 21,025Enzo!! 21,000Drakir!!! 11,288delgonz!! Top Cumulative of All Time Drakir Enzo delgonz wade_ FAQ's Where are you from? I'm from the United States. I don't say specifically where to maintain my privacy, so please don't ask.What size are your boobs? 34DDD, and yes they're real - hence the flapping all over the place. #allbobsmatterWhy are you non-nude/explicit? It's a decision I made through trial and error. I found the sexually explicit lifestyle just isn't for me, and I wasn't being true to myself doing so. I'd rather be my real self for you guys than some fake pornish one. I have no problem with the other types of styles in the sex industry, however.Will you do this or that? So, if I laugh at your request, it's because I can't really contain myself. A lot of requests I find hysterical lol, so I probably won't do any specific request of yours unless it's an item on my tip menu that you've tipped for.My privacy policy I value privacy a lot, and I value yours as well. I want it to be made clear that I keep any information I have about you private. If I ask you a question too private or something you don't want to answer, don't worry about it! Just let me know, I understand completely. I will never threaten anyone's privacy, and I ask you do the same for me.
Occupation: Being a tease

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