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   "HOLD ME CLOSER TINY CAMMER ~ sings into the night ~" Gender: Female
Country: Canada
Age: 25
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Weight: 100
Weight Units: pounds
Height: 157
Height Units: centimeters
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Experimented
About Me: offline-tip amazon twitter instagram mfc-mail Hiiiiiiiii~   About Me; Hi ! Im a 5 foot 1 100 lb sassy ball of energy and my name is Tiny .Im your average Canadian girl that likes bouncing her butt around! I like singing and dancing(although admittedly not very good at either) and have a passionate love for my cats and food :3 feed me pancakes and Ill love you forever! Im here to make the most awesome of friends, so please, say hello and lets be friendz ! Room Rulez ;Say Hello ! don’t worry I don’t bite TIP 4 REQUEST its common sense really: Be nice, be respectful and have fun(its a RULE) I do NOT tolerate any racism , homophobia , transphobia , sexism etc . (those will earn you a lifetime ban with NO coming back ever :3) REGARDING CUMSHOWS – DO. NOT. DIRECT! you will be kicked by a mod. DIRTY TALK? yes please bb NINJA TIP NOTE PREMIUM SNAPCHAT Snapchat FOR LIFE ! 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Favorite Food: sucker for pizza and pasta
Pets: cats 4 ever
Perfect Mate: someone dominant. someone to accept my bullshit and brattiness but also know how to keep it in check, because that's what i need(and want). I like having rules i need to follow (i also like having rules to break ;) ) I need a sadist, for i am a masochist. I often go into Little Space so i need a gentle caregiver, but i also need a dirty fucker. i am needy jealous and selfish. my perfect mate needs to know this and see my jealousy as concern, not distrust.
Know Me: I'm Fun! I'm bubbly and outgoing when I come out of my shell but i can be a bit shy at first. I like to make connections with people, I'm easy to converse with and enjoy getting to know people. I aim to please, i like making people happy !
Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series
Favorite Songs: The Weeknd The Beatles Nicki Minaj im all over the place but you'll most likely hear them playing in my room
Hobbies: Sewing! Making and designing clothes and costumes.
Talents: many useless; i can shake my eye balls dislocate my thumb fold my tongue cross my eyes and sing pretty well
Turn Ons: Kitty likes; dominant types rough play funny people hair pets neck kissing spankies Kitty no like; meanies
Be Anywhere: anywhere warm because right now in Canada its -50degrees Celsius like REALLY .
Five Things: my ganja ! my cat ! all my loves on MFC ! my vibrator ! my phone LAME I KNOW
For Fun: Dance! having my own little dance parties in my undies are the best ! I'm a big goof ball . shop...i love to decorate but i lack the funds to do so :( if you help me decorate my new home from my amazon wishlist i'll make a personalized video and send it to you ! please please please help tiny put furniture in her new home ! xoxooxx

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