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   "Sometimes I'm goody goody, right now I'm naughty naughty." Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 21
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 120
Weight Units: pounds
Height: 66
Height Units: inches
Body Type: Little in the middle
Smoke: Occasional
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Experimented
About Me: top news tip menu shop member clubs videos highest tippers Welcome to my place in the pixels, beautiful humans! You can call me Lily. I've made MFC my home on the Internet since January 2015; however, I have been known to disappear for small periods of time as life often can take us elsewhere. Nonetheless, this is where you'll find me most days of the week! I love and genuinely intend to keep my room a welcoming environment for EVERYBODY to talk and feel accepted. My favorite part of being a camgirl is that I can express myself physically, mentally, and spiritually with you all and that is what you'll find me doing during my shows: I aim to provide you all with the perfect balance of a fun, physical release combined with mental stimulation and spiritual awareness so if you're down for the ride I encourage you to join in! I cannot stress enough the immense gratitude I have toward those who support me on this platform and my life's journey in general. I am a blessed, happy, healthy individual and I have you all to thank for much of it!About my life- I am a third year undergrad Psychology student with minors in Spanish and Global Studies. After I receive my Bachelors degree, I plan to attain certifications in yoga, Astrology, and energy work as well as a Master's in Spiritual Counseling! Basically, I will be in school for a WHILE which means I will be a camgirl for a while as well.. which I'm happy about! I love astrology, nature, travel, animals, reading, dancing, sunsets, psychology, philosophy, wine, among many other things. I am a Leo Sun with a Taurus moon so I'm quite the balance of crazy yet calm. I continually have a lot of love and guidance to give so if you're looking for advice I would love to offer my help. I am very much an empath, a mystic, a feminist, and vegan. I am grateful for my life and each day I work to expand my spiritual awareness as a lil' star seed navigating life on the Earth realm! I know we'll be amazing friends if you are open to the same. Love and light and thank you for being here :) Always be kind, open minded, and accepting. Nobody should feel judged here! This is a welcoming environment for all walks of life. No telling me what to do without a tip. Ever. No bargaining with me. My prices are final. If something you'd like to tip for isn't on my tip menu, ask beforehand and we'll discuss it! No telling me how you "prefer" I'd look i.e. "I'd prefer you without the piercings", "I'd prefer you with no bush", etc. I don't care. This is me, I love me! Take it or leave it. There are thousands of other models to spend your time with if I don't satisfy you. No pet names. My name is Lily. Please call me that. PM's are for questions only. Privates are restricted to Ivy League members only and should be scheduled in advance. I only offer skype and custom videos to certain club members Dirty talk should only be in tip notes. Are your boobs real? Yup.What size are they?32DD.What is your tattoo of? The world map!What does it signify? Gratitude to Earth, inspiration to travel, etc.Did you used to do professional porn? Yes, I did.Why did you quit? In short, I did not find any fulfillment in it. Cam allows me to express myself in many more ways, therefore this is where I choose to focus my energy!Will you ever return? Nah, I don't plan to.Why do you only do your boy/girl videos with one guy? Because he is the only guy I have ever felt comfortable enough to make content with! He is one of my best friends, and I love him.What piercings do you have? Ears, nose, medusa, and belly button (though I don't wear it much anymore).Where are you from? I grew up in Southern Pennsylvania, but now reside near Nashville, Tennessee! The highest single + cumulative tipper for March will automatically be entered into a raffle that will be held at the end of 2017! Highest Cumulative Tippers 1.hornett80202.jhealen3.gtps87 Highest Single Tippersgtps87 - 2223 HT of 2017 - 15,000 (hornett8020) . elbow777 (nov. 12) jimbalaya (nov. 18) the_binar (nov. 19) derekj81 (nov. 27) cosmicslider (dec. 2) dawiller (dec. 3) augieryan (dec. 3) daryll69 (dec. 8) puppybrother (dec. 16) nose37 (dec. 28) aerri(jan. 14) teampetrie (jan. 15) cosmicslider (jan. 15) shy_drew (feb. 2)* nickeighty8 (feb. 9)* tapspace1 (feb. 10)* darkydizzy (feb. 12)* ozzmo77 onix1990 pillowmetal tredster123 mrshyguyxxx69 mountain20 edy20032015 gra25mpage archie1969 mcperez1963 going_4ward stephenwk kennedy24 chip435 everymanjack chef_mac_ murphy913 wolfoflight curious1995 proteles txjourno vbsmile22 brohan_ch bruins27 tug_me the_binar boboboyd gtps87 augieryan lancelot5 murero cosmicslider elbow777 puppybrother cosmicslider stlrmsfn68 lakeharriet7 y2cheetah buckzy nickeighty8 threesixty614 yogasquirrel desuchip frobnitz65 lukydinho hornett8020 members here root members here sacral members here solar plexus members here heart members here throat members here brow members here crown plexus members here In February all donations collected will be sent to the non-profit organization Casa Guatemala, where the little boy I sponsor lives + where I will be returning to in March (thanks to all of you)! chunched maxxfischer clintjb tibbons throbbnslick kanito2015 o7salute fbaker3313 poetdude85 captaint21 highfats fatbbbb slippryslop edkim plafra63 ebob43 sean3532 sneakone hibble33 doug2019 america122 daerris vexbot trav1987 crazy_malay mrjay420 endersw robfan69 mattyicy222 daemos2582 supbeto b447695 majordik69 nafets1297 sandyvag ado87 kage1174 pangagash algoquin mcgreen420 tx_burner bbqraisins smurfdaniel apex408 grimbosss kiproy3 bdogg56 graygrey007 t1bebe stuley1 ricky1031 dawiller lilyivysfan b00rt imcuming45 wowurthick spcecwby35 azkabara chandler2119 siberran82 realitytrip1 ranchos313 milty8709 mikesorado alexxx_z cosmicslider jake971678 docbrwn danno6464 minjazach loumahrud mrroflcheese cheekythrill coyledinho lonewand3rer heypotato samsayshii janpa505 mwanders brains_ morgan1033 tgaunt107 nickeighty8 . Autumn An adorable and sultry Pink Floyd strip tease among the fall foliage of my backyard. Mom Jeans Watch me masturbate over and under my 90's mom jeans.. a fetish you didn't know you had. The Blonde Vampire Part 1 A spooky, sexy vampire cosplay, includes an intense fang-tastic blowjob scene. Outdoor Agony Focus on my facial expressions as I touch myself among the sounds of birds, planes, and talking neighbors. Boob Worship How many ways can I worship my all natural 32DD's? (Clamps, dildo, ice, lotion, oil, etc.) Sweater Weather A Capricorn season inspired video where I bring myself to orgasm after a steamy journal entry surrounded by candles on the floor. Under the Covers An early morning, sunlight filled, all natural, under the covers beautiful agony orgasm. Post Workout Blowjob A messy, slobbery, intense blowjob with lots of deepthroating and eye contact. Roadhead An exciting and hilarious road head experience filmed with my GoPro. Service My Pussy Watch my pretty pink pussy get licked and sucked (outtakes from the exclusive video "Morning Sex"). Cum Surprise My first HD boy/girl video including a sweet and sexy blowjob with a cum surprise ending. Clamped & Gagged The title says enough. This video has quite the "good girl gone bad" theme to it. White Magic A spell of love and light leads to an ever-so-artsy orgasm. The Blonde Vampire Part 2 Haven't had enough of the blonde vampire? Watch me strip down and get my black glass toy all white and creamy. Under the Moonlight Touching myself under the full moon using only my fingers. Sultry and 70's inspired. Double Cum I use my toys to cum twice in my panties. Home Alone Find out what I do with the house to myself, includes a dildo, vibrator, and hitachi. Afternoon Delight This is my most popular video to date, tip and find out why! Wet Romance A candle lit bath with oil, toys, and sensual love making. The Audition A custom roleplay video where I fuck for a modeling job, includes a facial at the end. Morning Sex Sweet yet intense morning sex that will leave you wanting more. From Clean to Dirty A just out of the shower creamy fuck. All natural, no makeup, and a lot of passion. Januaryholcombicosmicslider Februaryhornett8020hornett8020 March April May June July August September October November December
Occupation: psychology student, camgirl, erotic model
Pets: my kitty lola
Meaning Life: Listen to our intuition, do no harm, and radiate love & positivity to all.
Favorite Books: Anything nonfiction, new age, & mystical! I work everyday to expand my spirituality & consciousness so anything that contributes to that. I also know a whole lot about astrology if you are looking for a way to start a good conversation with me :)
Favorite Songs: Early 2000's hip hop.
Favorite Movies: Wes Anderson.
Hobbies: Yoga, travel, psychology, astrology, thrifting, the outdoors.. among many others :)
Talents: Ask me to lick my elbow! (Something only fairie's can do.. shhh)
Craziest Thing: Signed up for MFC.
Be Anywhere: On the beach in Bali, backpacking through Central America, cuddling a baby tiger, watching the sunset on top of a mountain, the list goes on!
For Fun: Dance drunk with my friends, converse about why we are living on this planet, and everything in between.

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