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   "follow me! IG: @kendradawn_xoo |" Gender: Female
Age: 28
Sexual Preference: Straight
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Weight Units: pounds
Height Units: inches
Body Type: Large
About Me: MENUTopWelcomeSpoil MeMotley KrueKing StatusExtrasOffline TipsRate & AdmireMessage WallTo My Room Welcome! IT'S SPRING!!! YAY!!! Hey, guys! Thank you so much for an incredible month of February.. I'm so blessed to have each one of you in my life. I hope you know that.Here's what's going on this month.. -NEW TIP MENUS: Below this welcome note are the new "dollar menu" & "regular menu" tip options. If there's something you'd like to add to the list, simply let me know and I'll see what I can do. :)-LUCKY CHARMS: This month, tip 133 x 3 / 833 x 2 / 2333 x 1 to become my lucky charms and claim your prizes! You may become a charm as many times as you wish! Details below.-HILO IS BACK: Same rules as always. I will also be keeping the wheel around for now!-MONTHLY RAFFLE: The monthly raffle has been replaced with a new "secret raffle". You can get raffle tickets 3 ways. HiLo wins will get you ONE tickey, Wheel will get you ONE/TWO or THREE tickets or being HT of the night will get you 20 tickets. Winner and room will not know the prize until the winner receives it by mail! This allows me to choose better prizes and allows me to personalize them.-KRUE KARDS: Krue playing cards are now officially on sale. I have 12 decks available at 1100 tokens. First come, first serve! - IMPORTANT: Those of you attending NOLA, please send me a confirmation mail (whether you can attend or not) ASAP. If you can't go or aren't sure you can go, that is fine! I'd just like to be able to start an official list so that I can make plans. Thanks!-KRUE DUES:There's a couple of people on my profile who haven't purchased a King stat or tipped at least 200 tokens for over a month. If that is you, please do so! I hate clearing out my Krue / King stats, but rules are rules! -PARTY TIME: St. Patrick's Day is Friday, March 17th. Make sure you put on something green and come join me for a crazy party! Should be a blast!! I Love you guys to the moon & back! xox Love, K Spoil Me Please send e-giftcards to - thank you in advance if you do send something, Kendra Tip Menus Regular Tip Menu 410 - Choose music genre for 1 hour 450 - Open Cam 513 - King Status 550 - HiLo gamble for 20 tix 699 - Panty Change 777 - Join my mini Krue 850 - Wheel Deal (10 spins, regular 99 each) 1100 - Krue playing cards 1500 - Lifetime Snapchat 1900 - SexyK dance 2222 - Join my Official Krue 3599 - Signed poster 5600 - Buy me a spa day (I fucking love you) 7575 - Naughty Snaps 10,000 - Automatic Shower Show 20,000 - Become my boyfriend 50,000 - Skype Movie & Drinks Date Night 100,000 - Anal cum show with a cucumber Dollar Tip Menu (Prizes for tips of 300 & under) 15 - Smile :) 22 - Cheers! 55 - HiLo 75 - Song Request 99 - Wheel Spin 122 - Boobies 188 - 5 hand spanks 222 - Booty 288 - 10 squats 300 - 10 paddle Spanks Rainbow Charms -Red -Woody -Smoothy -Asspan x 2 -Hungy x 2 -Kougs -Eric -DG -Skurbs -Gibbs -NL -BoBo x 2 Clover Charms -Smoothy -Woody -Hungy x 2 -Red -BoBo x 2 -Kougs -Crew Pot of Gold Charms -Smoothy -Red -Hungy (x2) -Count -Doggy -NL -BoBo Krue & Mini Krue Statues will reset every January 1st. Krue dues (200 minimum tokens per month) will keep your name on the list! All mini Krue members will get their name on my profile & be able to use the mini Krue fist (:mkfist). All official Krue members will get their name on my profile, be able to use the mighty Krue fist (:kfist) & receive my Kik for the year! Boyfriend Krue members will be able to use the boyfriend Krue fist (:bfk) and their name will remain on my profile for life! Mini-Krue Hungy Skurbs V Zippy Swartzy Eliot Attica Gibbs Smoothykins Blankey GG Graci Kev Woody Official Krue Plat Red BoBo Hung Count Asa Kougs Skurbs Wolfy Aqua Kray V Houndy NL Zip Smoothykins Swartzy Boyfriend Krue Red Smoothy JR AssPan D Swartzy BoBo Skurbs Hellu Kougs Hungy MrF Eric Kings Red Smoothy Hungy (x2) Skurbs Grand Dukes AssPan x 284 Red (x2) 254 Princes BoBo x 223 Dukes Knights -Swartzy x 144 Officers Kougs x 74 V x 128 Zippy x 103 DG x 70 Count x 60 Asa x 56 Gentlemen Kray x 37 Butlers Attica x 21 Eric x 18 Aqua x 14 Plat x 15 Hungy (x3) x 15 Jesters Fisheater x 9 Dream x 6 Gibbs x 11 Skurbs (x2) x 7 Woody x 8 Beginners Crew x 3 GG x 1 Voyeur x 4

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