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   "My attitude is based on how you treat me !!" Gender: Female
Age: 102
Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 45
Weight Units: kilos
Height: 158
Height Units: centimeters
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
About Me: Hi ! My name is Karla. I am just a normal girl, i dont think i m ugly but i don t think either i am super pretty or beautiful or sexy i am far of being any of these, especially when i see so many beautiful girls on mfc. I work here for a while now, and what can i say its that i met wonderful people, smart, kind, gentle, with special souls that like me and help me for the person i am not for my body . Those people have earned a place in my heart , my eternal respect and i know for sure that i will never forget them ..even if i will quit this. I cant explain how much i appreciate all the support i receive from any of you , small or big , because anything matters on this site,its very very hard to keep up with the girls on here ..they are so so competitive ( at the end i give up..i have to admit :))) ) In real life i finished Biology and now i go to Nurse school because i didnt really like the first univ :D. I still have 1 year and half to finish nursing so.. like the same time you have to get to know me how I really am and maybe to get friends for life :P I like to watch movies and tv shows (more tv shows because last more :D ), to travel, but i didnt have many chances to travel like i would like to . What i love to do ..and i do with all my heart is to help ppl ... ppl in need ..that really need help , that are sick and need money to get healthy whenever i can i donate . I hate the words "I can't" ...we can ..we can do everything and anything we want ..we must want to .. and anything its possible . And something else that i hate its the lie and indifference ..the easiest way is to be indifferent and don t care . In public chat you won t see too much nudity, i like more to chat and to get to know you and have another kind of fun ,so if you are looking for the same thing u should join me , but if you really want more u can take me True Pvt , or Private(here you only have a chance to have me for yourself and talk ).
Occupation: Student
School: Biology & Nurse School
Favorite Food: I don t have a fav food ...but i love chocolate :P
Pets: Have none but i would love to have a dog
Perfect Mate: Nobody is perfect ..perfection doesn t exist in ppl . We are all imperfect .
Perfect Date: Told you ..perfection doesnt exist
Meaning Life: I want to do a lot of things in my life , I have lots of dreams to accomplish :)
Know Me: Hmmmm best reason ..? I have no idea . This only depends on you .On what do u like on a girl . Her eyes maybe? character ? body? smile? kindness ? honesty? Anyway ... i wait you in my room and when u will find out , pls tell me :D
Favorite Books: The Secret
Favorite Movies: Jason Statham ones, Greys anatomy , Private practice , The Notebook, The shawshank redemption , Two and a half men, Twilight, Breaking bad, The Vampire Diaries , The originals, Saving hope, Suits, Fifty Shades of grey
Hobbies: Trips overseas , Drawing, Singing, and collecting tokens :)))
Talents: Sleeping hahah :))
Turn Ons: Turn Offs-Rudeness .. Demanding..Freeloaders..Silence..Quiet Room. Turn Ons- If you want to earn my heart instantly ..leave me a nice Offline Gift :P. This will melt my heart ...and i ll tell you why ...because it is a little hope that you don t care only to see me without clothes .. and u maybe want to make me smile and make my day a better one .
Craziest Thing: Working on MFC :D
Be Anywhere: Bora Bora , Maldive Islands, Dubai, Miami. Somewhere where is quiet ,sun, blue water, and sand <3
Five Things: Health, My phone, family, Love and TOKENSSS :D
For Fun: Shopping ,Play games, watching lots of tv shows and to go cinema, spend time traveling and knowing new beautiful and exotic places, and to have fun with my friends on mfc .

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